Georgia Association

of Marine Education

This year the Georgia Association of Marine Education (GAME) is pleased to offer the opportunity for one lucky GAME member to receive a mini grant of up to $500 for an education focused activity or project.  Applications will be accepted between March 15th until June 15th. The winner will be announced by July 1st, 2018. Timeline for completion of project will be within the next academic year or May 31st, 2019.

Presentation of project progress will be required during the annual GAME conference in November, 2018 taking place on Sapelo Island. Scholarships for conference attendance will be available with application.  

You must be a member of GAME to apply.  To become a member, Join Us.

Once you become a member, login to see the Mini-Grant Application.

Checklist before submitting application:

  • My grant proposal promotes understanding of Ocean Literacy and the interconnectedness of all of Georgia’s ecosystems.

  • My grant proposal does not seek more than $500. (I may submit different proposals. However I understand each applicant may receive only one grant award.)

  • If funded, I commit to a brief in-process presentation at the 2018 Annual GAME Conference taking place on Sapelo Island, GA in November and a follow up report submitted to the quarterly GAME Newsletter following completion of the grant. Photos, video, PowerPoint, etc. are acceptable.

  • I understand that my project(s) must include ADULT supervision.

  • If applicable my principal has approved this project.

  • I have viewed the scoring rubric and understand the guidelines that will be used to score my application.

  • If funded, I understand that a check will be made out to my school or organization if applicable, otherwise a check may be made out to an individual with written justification.

  • If funded, I agree to retain all receipts and attach them to the “Funds Distribution Form.” This form will be sent with the grant check prior to onset of the project.

  • If funded, I agree to submit a final report that will be postmarked by one year of start date (March 1, 2019). “Funds Distribution Form” and all receipts must be submitted with final report.

To review rubric for applications Click Here

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